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In addition to the good works we do for others, studies show that volunteering from a young age has many positive effects on the volunteers: it really does make children happier to give than to receive. Community service also teaches valuable life skills such as responsibility, self-esteem, emotional intelligence, empathy, communication, and more. As part of a group working together toward a common goal, children learn through modeling both their peers and caregivers.



We can do it! Little Villagers participants are encouraged to become their best selves. We aim to help each child gain a sense of inner confidence, courage and strength to successfully face whatever may come their way.


According to Maureen Healy, child psychologist and award winning author of Growing Happy Kids, the two essentials to empowering kids are Mirroring and Encouragement; "Mirroring is the process of serving as the reflection of a child's abilities, skills and qualities so they begin to 'see' themselves as they really are: highly valuable, talented and capable right now." We provide opportunities for children to shine. While helping others, they are gaining confidence in their own abilities and talents.


By giving children the lead role in our hands-on activities, they feel trusted, supported and important.


We make it happen! From coordinating with local charities and organizations, developing engaging, age-appropriate service activities, providing the necessary materials and instructions, and handling delivery, when you give back with Little Villagers all of the ground work has been done for you. 


We know first hand the demands of parenting, and the challenge of trying to balance all you need and want to do for your child with your daily commitments. Our goal is to make service easy for children and parents, too!


We are always learning! Not only are we helping others with every project we complete, we are also helping children develop valuable skills that will provide a foundation for a well-rounded, productive future. Our service projects enhance both cognitive and social-emotional development. Children improve their remembering, problem solving, and decision-making. They learn to manage personal feelings, understand others' feelings and needs, and interact positively with others. Participants develop both fine and gross motor movements, are taught practical life skills such as sewing, assembling, and gardening, and take part in a meaningful hands-on experience.

Children also learn about the needs of our community through age-appropriate discussion. Awareness of the issues is balanced with a positive, hopeful approach and a focus on the children's contribution.


We have a great time! At Little Villagers, kids may be working but it feels like play. Whatever the activity may be, we always bring the fun. Each activity is designed to foster a love of giving back in children, to inspire them to see how much their actions can make a difference, and to encourage lifelong volunteerism. 


As the saying goes, "It takes a village." We bring together children to work toward a common goal. From our activity kit donations from all over the U.S., to groups of kids working together in our after school programs and workshops, our activities provide an opportunity for children to share meaningful experiences and give back to our community together.